Wendell Brown (JW)

About Me

In this section I've decided to include a little bio about myself. I'll try to keep it short, as there's so much I could tell.

Firstly, I should tell you where I'm from. I was born in Flora, Mississippi, which is a small town just north of Jackson. I don't remember much about Flora, as my parents moved all of us to Austin, Texas when I was 8.

After arriving in Austin, we lived in Lytton Springs, which is a small town south of the city. I went to school in Lockhart, which as we all know is the barbeque capital of Texas. Lockhart was a 2A school when I was there, and now it's a 5A. Wow!

I'm like a lot of people who grow up in small towns, I like to fish, hunt, go camping, and generally be outdoors. Growing up in this area and having worked here nearly all of my life, it's kinda tough to get me lost in Central Texas.

When I got out of high school, a lot of my friends were going off to college, but not me; I couldn't wait to go to work. Soon after I went to work, I decided I wanted to be a welder, so I went to school for that. I got out and persued a welding career. I soon found out that that wasn't my forté.

As a welder, this Texas heat was getting the best of a mostly Irish boy, so I went and got my CDL license. It was just a few short years later that I began a very successful career as a heavy haul driver (HHD). That information is in another page of the website, which you might've already seen. But anyway, on with my tale...

Somewhere along my path as a HHD, I started getting interested in computer stuff. I'd come home after work and stay up late trying to tweak something on a PC or rooting my cell phone. I'd be so proud when I was successfull at this. Finally, I decided to make a leap of faith, and I went back to school. I was scared to death, but I knew it was then or never. Heck, it had been 20 years since I had taken any kind of exam. Anyway, I did fine in college and lived to tell about it.

Well I hope you've enjoyed the little I have indulged about myself, and maybe it will help you in deciding if I'll be a good fit for your company. (If I'm not already wrangled)